Some parents shy away from sharing any images of their kids on social media. Cardi B and Offset, for example, block out their daughter's face whenever they post content including her. Not everybody wants every little detail out there like the Kardashians. While Chris Brown posts a lot of his daughter Royalty, he keeps the remainder of his private life off the internet. It usually manages to find its way online sooner or later but that's a story for a different day. In a recent post, Breezy wanted everyone to notice just how similar he and his mini-me look with Chris transitioning from a photo of himself as a child to one of Royalty, pointing out their near-identical looks.

Clearly, Chris Brown has some strong genes because Royalty looks almost exactly like him. Her nose is placed a little closer to her mouth but besides that, they're pretty much the same person. They already have similar mannerisms too with RoRo showing up on stage during the singer's HBOAFM Tour last year, dancing and even taking the mic at one point. Fans are obsessed with the video, commenting that they look like twins. 

With each passing day, you can almost guarantee that Chris Brown will share a new photo of his princess. Their bond is strong and while many aspects of his personal life lead some to shake their heads, you can't deny that he's absolutely in love with his little girl.