Ella Mai's debut project is now one step closer to seeing the light of day. Two hours ago, Ella uploaded the rear cover art containing the tracks numbered one through fifteen. Among the songs that made the cut, is not one but three high profile duet/collaborations. On "Whatchamacallit" the UK-born singer even tussles with Chris Brown, of all people.

Later in the record, she covers similar ground with the likes of John Legend and H.E.R, the latter proving herself to be a formidable entity next to anyone it seems (or dare I say a gamble).

Inevitably, Ella Mai's team did what they could to control the overflow stemming from Jacquees' ever-successful remix of "Trip." He didn't see the logic in unpublishing his version but inevitably followed suit when DJ Mustard intervened. The aforementioned "Trip" couples with her breakthrough single "Boo'd Up" to form a solid one-two punch leading up her October 12th deadline, when Ella Mai is set to drop Ellai Mai, barring any foul play. Where do you stand on the hype train regarding this project?

Ella Mai

1. "Emotion"     
2. "Good Bad"  
3. "Dangerous"  
4. "Sauce"  
5. "Whatchamacallit" (featuring Chris Brown)  
6. "Cheapshot"  
7. "Shot Clock"  
8. "Boo'd Up"
9. "Everything" (featuring John Legend)  
10. "Own It"  
11. "Run My Mouth"  
12. "Gut Feeling" (featuring H.E.R.)  
13. "Trip" 
14. "Close"  
15. "Easy"