Chris Brown and Lil Wayne have been revealed to be under investigation for their ties to Harrison "Cuban Harry" Garcia, the self-proclaimed "CEO of the Purple Drank," reports the Miami Herald. Garcia -- a Miami-based music producer -- is currently on trial for federal drug charges, as he is accused of organizing dozens of pharmacy robberies in South Florida. 

On Thursday, during the third day of testimony, federal authorities revealed they are investigating a $15,000 wire transfer made from Brown to Garcia's account in 2016. Garcia had sent a screenshot of the wire transfer to a female friend, said authorities, and he reportedly told her that Brown's payment was for "Drugs ... lean and sh-t." 

Authorities also revealed evidence of drug-related text messages, retrieved from Garcia's phone, involving Lil Wayne. "I'll shoot u some trees," Garcia allegedly wrote to a "do-boy," following up with, "It's for Wayne." An agent also testified that Garcia admitted to selling Wayne "a lot of narcotics" upon his initial arrest in October. 

Garcia's relationships with both Brown and Wayne have been well-documented on his Instagram page, which has over 34,000 followers. Using the handle "muhammad_a_lean," he posted photos of himself with both artists. Photo evidence of Garcia traveling with Brown to countries like Spain and Albania was shown to the court on Thursday. Garcia also appeared in Young Money artist HoodyBaby's music video for his "Cut It Freestyle." 

It was Garcia's Instagram page -- on which he posted pictures of cash, drugs, and guns -- that first earned him the attention of federal authorities, who suspected him of using his Instagram to sell drugs, most notably large amounts of prescription cough syrup. He was first arrested for selling drugs to an informant -- whom he charged a total of $4,530 -- on two separate occasions. He was arrested again in December for his alleged racketeering role in the series of pharmacy burglaries. 

Garcia has testified that his Instagram photos of drugs and other contraband were, more or less, all for show. "I had an image to portray, to boost up my followers,” he said in court. “I guess it’s just the music industry.”