Few artists go hand-in-hand like Tyga and Chris Brown do. The two have worked together at length in the past, teaming up as far back as 2010 for their Fan of a Fan mixtape. A few years later, the duo met up again to deliver the album version. Each artist has been scrutinized by the media after being involved in high-profile relationships and while the criticism has varied between Breezy and T-Raw, they appear to have connected strongly throughout their careers. Chris Brown is one of the most established artists of our time and the multi-talented man loves working with Tyga. The two got back in the studio recently and it looks like we may be getting a new song in the near future.

The duo have plenty of tracks together but most of them date back a few years now. We're overdue for some new bangers by Chris and Tyga and it looks like they will soon be granting us with a new track. Tyga posted a photo on Instagram, showing the two hard at work in the studio with their recording engineer. His caption is simple yet intriguing, leaving us with a question: "New song?" With a few successful singles in the bag, Tyga has been running uphill for his comeback effort and rekindling the magic with Breezy may be just what he needs to get him his next big hit.

Perhaps we're in for an official Fan of a Fan 3 announcement soon? Are you down for a new single by Tyga and Chris Brown?