Another new development in the never-ending Chris Brown antics. Breezy was sentenced to a 90-day rehab stint following his recent probation hearing for the Rihanna case. The singer was ordered to enroll in a live-in anger management facility by the judge, on the recommendation of the Probation Dept.

TMZ reports that Chris willingly surrendered his phone and laptop when entering the anger management facility, however, he was hard-pressed to let go of his weed. Chris reportedly told the staff that the marijuana was doctor-prescribed for his depression, but the staff still rejected his request to bring weed in. The singer also said that the weed makes him calm, but the staff wouldn't budge.

This rehab session follows on the heels of another one, which Chris was kicked out of after just 16 days for a fit of rage, where he allegedly threw a rock through his mom's car window. Let's hope this round goes more smoothly for him.