Chris Brown's seems to have gotten himself into a bit of hot water today. The rapper recently posted a picture on his Instagram page to promote his clothing line, Black Pyramid. However, the image itself seems to be an edit from an original picture done by artist, Gabriel Picolo, from his "Casual Teen Titans" series. Picolo took to Twitter earlier to call our Breezy for lifting his artwork without proper authorization or credit.

Gabriel Picolo took to Instagram to share side by side portraits of his original drawing to the edited version seen on Chris Brown's Instagram page. "Chris Brown went all the way to edit one of my drawings and repost it on his 42 million followers account... without credit." He wrote. He explained to Complex that "Casual Teen Titans" series was a reimagination of Teen Titans doing teenager stuff. After the photos went viral, he went on to do some promo artwork for DC Comics. 

He ended up seeing the edited version of his image through a fan who sent him a screenshot through his DM's and he wasn't definitely not happy about it.

"I was mad as I usually get when big accounts repost my content without credit, but I was even more shocked that a 40-million-followers artist did it,” he said to the publication. "It’s beyond disrespectful because Chris would probably freak out if one of his song got plagiarized."

After he called out Chris Brown, the image was taken down from his Instagram page. However, it was initially posted to one of Brown's Instagram fan pages. The image has since been taken down but Picolo still has issues with the fact that Brown reposted his work without the proper credits.

"It doesn’t take the responsibility out of Chris […] On twitter people told me that this is far from being the first time that Chris reposted other artist’s work without credit.” He said to them. However, he doesn't plan on taking any legal actions. 

Since taking it down, Brown has responded to the accusations and wrote on Instagram, "No one cares about a damn instapic bruh... lame ass n*gga... suck it."