A while back we reported that singer Chris Brown was planning on expanding his Black Pyramid label with a bunch of new product in 2016. Now that product has hit stores, and some of Breezy’s fans aren’t too happy with what they consider to be unnecessarily high-priced goods.

Brown’s fans are very vocal supporters of the rapper, so of course they were first in line to cop items from the Black Pyramid line. However some fans were apparently unhappy with the prices for the items, which Chris Brown had promised via Instagram wouldn’t be too much, saying “I’m not gonna rape y’all on the prices.” Instagram account @balleralert posted prices showing sweats and a windbreaker are each just under $100. While those aren’t Marshall’s level discounts, they also aren’t anywhere close to the astronomical prices of Kanye West’s Adidas line. Hell, even some Nike sweatpants run more than that.

Nevertheless, Breezy felt the need to clap back at those fans he deemed were complaining unnecessarily, posting a now-deleted Instagram video (which the Shade Room thankfully captured) and a separate comment criticizing fans. He notes that his prices are equivalent to fast-fashion brands H&M and Zara, and calls people out for complaining while waiting in line for much more expensive Yeezys and Jordans. He then offers that anyone who doesn’t like it “TASTE THIS FART I BEEN HOLDING.”

For what it's worth, Black Pyramid's online store is still not up and still says it'll be up "mid-January."