At this point, Chris Brown is used to the constant public scrutiny. The man has been in police custody a few times in his life so this is nothing new to him and while the details of his arrest still remain cloudy, Breezy is definitely unbothered about it. Late last night, Chris was placed in handcuffs after his show, being detained for an outstanding warrant on his arrest for a felony assault in Florida. As we previously reported, police were waiting at the concert venue when Breezy wrapped up his performance in West Palm Beach but he seems to be completely indifferent about the incident.

The singer hopped on Instagram to give a quick update to his fans who may have been worrying about him. On his IG story, he made a funny face for his followers before he created an official post showing him on the mic with a telling caption. Clearly, Chris couldn't care any less about his most recent arrest since he wrote, "What’s NEW🙄????? Show tomorrow!!!! ❤️" 

It's great that the R&B star is looking to move past this setback quickly. However, it's troubling to see him continually get into trouble with the law. While he claims that he has changed and is making better decisions in his life, his legal difficulties point towards the opposite.

Currently on the Heartbreak on a Full Moon Tour, Chris has been performing night in and night out for his thousands of adoring fans. Hopefully, the arrest does not force any delays on his upcoming shows.