When one goes to a Chris Brown show, the singing is really only half the experience. While the music is playing, changes are Chris will be the center of everyone's attention, thanks to his varied array of skilled dance routines. 

Chris is embarking on his upcoming "Heart Break On A Full Moon" tour very soon, and as a bonus for his fans who are excited to see him live, he's posted a video giving fans a sneak peak at some of the dance moves he and his team will be pulling out for the show. 

The video is narrated by Josha Smith, Chris' longtime choreographer, speaking on how excited they are to show the world what he and Chris believe is the "next thing" in performances. The video shows Chris, and his numerous back up dancers, engaging in different types of routines. There's just as much popping and locking as you could possibly handle, and Chris even hits a sweet spinning kick at one point.

Chris' daughter, Royalty, also makes several appearances in the video. We already knew that she was joining her dad in the dance studio for rehearsals, but no word on whether she'll actually take part in the performance in some way herself. 

The "Heart Brake On The Full Moon" tour starts on June 19th, going throw 28 shows on the way. Chris and his team's choreography will have to be on point for all of those performances. Based on the footage, however, it seems they'll have it under control.