Several months ago, Chris Brown invited fans to his home for an exclusive yard sale, listing streetwear and sneaker gems for the low-low. Somebody must have saved his address because, over the weekend, a woman attempted to break into his home and it was all caught on video.

Chris Brown was hiding behind his fence as a crazed fan screamed at him, yelling at the singer over a supposed mutual friend. Brown replied that he didn't know the woman that she was mentioning, but the fan didn't seem to care. She continued her shouting match before eventually getting scared off by one of his homies.

Chris Brown
Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

"MENTAL ILLNESS IS REAL!! SHE TRIED TO SNEAK OVER THE GATE AT MY CRIB BUT SHE SAW MY DOG and he saw her," wrote the artist on Instagram, sharing the video to his millions of followers. 

The woman referred to CB as her "life partner," making this entire situation even more strange. 

It is unclear how this escalated. It has also not been revealed whether or not the police were called to arrest the trespasser.

This is not the first time that somebody has broken onto Chris Brown's property. In the past, somebody has successfully made it into his crib to paint her name on the singer's cars and write love messages on his walls. It's clear that Brown just has that effect on the ladies... Thankfully, he's safe.