It's hard to keep track of Chris Brown's constant legal battles, however we do our best. The singer was released from jail at the beginning of June, and quickly returned to the studio to work on new music. However he may not be a free man for much longer, if his lawyer can't work out a plea deal stemming from last October's misdemeanor assault charges.

AP reports that Breezy was very close to working out a plea deal in the assault case, which would make it so that Brown could avoid jail time. However, the deal has fallen apart due to the opposing sides not coming to an agreement on what exactly Brown would acknowledge happened last year. 

Prosecutor Kevin Chambers said they offered Brown a deal to plead guilty to simple assault and time served in the Washington, DC case. However Brown's lawyer (who is almost as famous as Brown at this point) Mark Geragos said both sides couldn't agree "on a statement of facts about what happened outside the W hotel."

"They wanted him to read from a script that wasn't true," Geragos said after a hearing on Tuesday.

Brown's trial has been set for September 8th. Updates to follow.