This year, we've seen the Instagram trolling game be taken to a new level in the world of hip-hop. Whether through frequency or ferocity, the level of comment turn-ups has certainly increased both in quantity and in quality. Just look at 50 Cent as an example - just his Wendy Williams trolling efforts alone have put him in a different kind of Internet comedy category. Now, it seems we have a new player coming to the fore: Chris Brown.

The Heartbreak on a Full Moon singer, who recently became one of the most certified artists in RIAA singles history, turned up in the comments section to a Trey Songz selfie that the latter posted earlier this morning. With some ice in his ear and a facial pose that would put Ben Stiller's Zoolander mugging to shame, Breezy clearly couldn't resist having a little fun with his fellow R&B crooner. You can check out the full Instagram post below.

"Curtis BLOW FACE AZZ" was Brown's good-natured shot at Trey Songz, referencing the 80's rapper who had hits like "Basketball" and "The Breaks." Tremaine responded with his own tongue-in-cheek quip, "this El Debarge head ass n***a." The fans who made their way to the comments section also had a good time with this back-and-forth, posting enough combined laughing emojis to fill another Chris Brown double album. Check out screengrabs of the comments below.

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