You either love Chris Brown, hate him, or feel totally indifferent about him. The iconic vocalist has been around for years and he's not going to disappear anytime soon. The star is fresh off the release of his new album Indigo and, right now, he's promoting the record through a nationwide tour. The superstar from Virginia has announced his intention to release an extended version of the project, noting that ten additional songs will be bolstered onto the already-loaded tracklist. Presently wowing the masses on his arena run, Breezy reminded all of his fans that he's not one to challenge on the dance floor in a new video he posted to his socials.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Each and every tour stop surpasses the last when your name is Chris Brown. The man feels a constant need to out-perform himself so when it comes time to flex his footwork and popping abilities, he always ensures to go extra hard. The highly-talented artist has embraced the Michael Jackson comparisons and, if we're being honest, they're warranted to an extent. The man can sing, dance and perform with the best of them. The argument may appear blasphemous to some but after viewing all the insane videos Breezy has shared of his dancing, singing, rapping, visual art, and more, it's easy to consider him one of the best in the game.

Watch the video below, where a freshly-blonde CB gets his moves right in front of a large audience.