When it comes to celebrity children, it seems as though they grow up quicker than usual. In our minds, Kylie Jenner was still a 12-year-old girl starring on Keeping Up With The Kardashians yesterday but, alas, here we are and she has a child of her own. The same can be said for anybody growing up in the spotlight. Time seems to move quickly as we watch people evolve into adults before our very eyes. Case in point, in a few weeks, Royalty Brown will be turning four years old and she's looking as adorable as ever.

In advance of her fourth birthday, Royalty's mother shared a photo on her Instagram page of her daughter looking more royal than ever. To her credit, she is rocking full-on princess gear but, because of her name, it's probably acceptable for her to walk around on a daily basis in the pink garb. Guzman wrote beside the photo, "I can’t believe you are about to be 4 in a few weeks. Im so blessed to be your mommy! I couldn’t of [sic] named you anything other than ...#ROYALTY! Because baby you live up to your name everyday! #QueenRoyalty #HerCrownIsDifferent."

Chris Brown is a proud father to his daughter, often sharing photos of her on his own socials. Just last month, Breezy proudly showed off his daughter to the world, remarking how much he loves her. Chris recently joined H.E.R. on a remix of "Focus," which you can listen to here.