We're reporting on some Chris Brown drama today based on recent reports by Page Six. The news outlet has confirmed that Brown's ex-girlfriend Indyamarie is no longer wasting time on him and has moved on. After it was previously revealed that the "Undecided" singer was expecting a second child from his other ex-girlfriend Ammika Harris, Indyamarie saw no purpose in remaining in the picture. An inside source now adds that there is more to the story. The source shared with the aforementioned news outlet that Indyamarie was spotted getting close with Megan Thee Stallion at the Pretty Little Thing BET Launch party earlier this month. And ever since, there's been rumors that the two are an item. At some point during the year, Megan had asked her fans on IG live if they would condone a relationship with Indyamarie. "They’ve been posting thirsty comments lately on social media," stated the insider with regards to their relationship.

And indeed, they have. In one photo, Indyamarie is seen lying on her stomach with her backside facing the camera. The Houston hottie then stepped in to comment: "Gurl turn yo ass around!" To which Indyamarie replied "Babe chill." The couple rumors quickly followed after Chris Brown was confirmed to be expecting a second child.