Chris Brown's latest album, Heartbreak on a Full Moonwas one of the most polarizing releases of the last few weeks. There's no denying that fans were excited about Breezy's offering of new material, but at nearly 50 (!) tracks in length, the listening process for any supporter of the singer would be, at the very least, time consuming. However, based on new information shared by Brown via his Instagram account, the LP has already garnered him more than one new career milestone.

According to Jake Miosge, the album has already crossed the threshold needed for an application for a Gold RIAA certification, and apparently those wheels are already in motion. This would give Breezy another Gold LP, marking his seventh certification of at least that level for a long-form release in his career. An impressive achievement, especially considering that he lost a couple of days worth of numbers in the statistical intake process, a situation that he publicly voiced his displeasure about last week. "So I’m hearing that I will only be credited for 3 days of sales for my first week," he griped. "DONT UNDERSTAND how that is [...] Just like the 9 platinum plaques RIAA Just dropped out of the sky this year(not including the 3 that I just received for HOAFM singles)." In any event, none of that matters now, since Brown has a new plaque that should be headed his way in the near future.

The album also marks the seventh time that Chris has debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Hip-Hop and R&B albums chart, giving him the most chart-topping LPs in that category. In addition to that, we reported that HBOAFM also had a strong start on the Billboard 200 chart this week, coming in at No. 3. It moved 68,000 sales units, with 25,000 of those being of the non-streaming variety. His main competition in the hip-hop category, Without Warning, slotted in at No. 4 on the Billboard 200, racking up 53,000 units with 11,000 pure album sales. This placement marks 21 Savage’s second Top 10 debut following his last full-length project Issa Alum, which was also a rousing success.

Did you listen to the entirety of Chris Brown's new album? How does it compare to the quality of his previous work? Sound off in the comments.