Coming into the NBA bubble, it was clear that many players wanted to speak on issues pertaining to racial inequality, and police brutality. So far, we have seen numerous players and teams make public statements that will certainly go a long way when it comes to public awareness on important topics. Perhaps one of the more interesting league initiatives is one that allows players to wear social justice messages on the backs of their jerseys. Many players have opted into this, although LeBron James and Anthony Davis have opted against it as they felt there simply wasn't enough choice in regards to messaging.

In an interview with The Undefeated, Chris Paul was asked about LeBron's hesitance to wear such a message and whether or not it was a big deal. As Paul explained, every player has the right to choose as they wish and that personally, he was eager to host a message on his uniform.

LeBron James

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“That’s exactly why we have a league where you get a chance to make a choice,” Paul said. “And I respect any of those guys’ decisions. They may have their reasons why or not. For me … I was excited about the opportunity to speak on ‘Equality’ because I was asked about it. And also, for me, I envisioned my kids watching the game, my homies back home who go to the barbershops and talk about us and whatnot.”

LeBron and AD certainly aren't alone although, considering the former's devotion to social justice, some felt the decision to be a little bizarre. Regardless, everyone has their own way of showing support, and it's clear the NBA bubble will be a beacon of political awareness.