Earlier this month, Netflix released a rather cryptic teaser video entitled Tamborine, which simply displayed the handheld percussive instrument in a darkly-lit room. The streaming service did not reveal any details as to who was attached to the project, or the exact nature of its being, which led the general public to try and decipher the video's existence. Some believed that it may have been a teaser for another season of Arrested Development or Sense8, but Netflix has finally announced that Tamborine is actually the title of a new Chris Rock stand-up special slated to debut tomorrow. 

This forthcoming project is the first stand-up special for the comedian in 10 years; his last was Kill the Messenger, which debuted on HBO and won two Emmy Awards. The special is directed by Bo Burnham and was filmed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. This special coincides with Black Panther's imminent release this Friday, as well as the unveiling the Barack and Michelle Obama's Smithsonian portraits, making this the most culturally-dominant Black History Month is recent times. 

Rock has always been socially-engaged in his stand-up, covering a variety of topics that particularly pertinent to the social climate of America. 2018 is another year into Donald Trump's highly controversial presidency, and will probably be a topic of interest for Rock and his biting sense of humour.