Adam Sandler and Chris Rock are doing a press tour for their new Netflix movie The Week Of, and their recent visit to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon revealed a lot. We previously posted on Adam admitting that he and Justin Bieber are friends and even Facetime. Another snippet from their visit sees Chris explaining how he once went for Rihanna but his attempt “did not register at all."

"Rihanna is so fine if she didn't sing her life would be exactly the same," Chris said. "She'd have clothing lines, people would be asking for autographs."

He then figured he'd make a move on the "Work" single, but unfortunately, it didn't go the way he planned. "I thought, 'Hey, I'm single now. Let me give it a go,'" he said. "She didn't even register me as a sexual being. She was saying 'Where's Ray J?' I was, like, in the uncle zone."

Rihanna recently congratulated her homie Kendrick Lamar on his prestigious win for the Pulitzer Prize for music. "Congrats to my boy KungFuKenny on making history and winning such a prestigious award like a Pulitzer!" she said on Instagram. "Keep showing the kids that anything is possible man."