Dwyane Wade's final game in Miami was an emotional event for longtime fans of the NBA star, and for Wade and his family as well, but leave it to Chrissy Teigen to bring laughs to the occasion. Teigen and husband John Legend were sitting courtside with Gabrielle Union, enjoying the game along with everyone else who showed up for the historical event, when Wade couldn't avoid but land on them during a play. 

A photographer just happened to have caught the exact moment that the crash occurred and later the Miami Herald Sports Twitter page shared the epic photo that Teigen called "a renaissance painting." She later stated that "it was an honor" to have Wade use her as a landing cushion as he caused her drink to splash all over her.

Legend, meanwhile, shared a video clip on Twitter of both him and Chrissy soaked. He was, however, proud of himself that his drink was still standing. Shout out to the guy responsible for drying them off.

Gabrielle Union shared the photo on Instagram and captioned the image by writing, "@johnlegend did not, I repeat, did not drop his drink. And this is why we are friends. Dinner's on us in LA. PS. @chrissyteigen might be one of my favorite people on the planet #LabPartner #OneLastDance." The Miami Heat Instagram account commented, "This picture is L3GENDARY!"