Yesterday on The Ellen Show, Chrissy Teigen and Michael B. Jordan were simultaneous guests and they wasted no time getting down to the most personal of business. 

Teigein played up her winsome, fumbling relatable side that people can't seem to get enough of. She began by complaining about how much she doesn't like her own feet. She describes them as "Asian jungle feet" and says that in her "contract" she has a no-feet clause, so that in public photos her feet are always retouched (she does a little squeaky polishing motion with her hands).

After Ellen asks if she's ever thought of releasing a perfume, Teigen says that she's "not known for smelling great" and that she smells "like spray tan and dogs and...yeah, that's about it." Ellen then pitches a perfume for Teigen that will simulate all the signature Teigen smells. She shows a video that debuts the new (and fake) perfume called Clumsy By Chrissy: "stumble, trip and fall head over heels for the scent of clumsy."

Michael B. Jordan also appears on the show and he's known for having a restrained public persona and for obfuscating personal details behind vague statements, pretty much the opposite of Chrissy Teigen. She brings a little bit of life out of him, though. When Ellen asks Jordan about his romantic life, Teigen interjects and asks, bluntly, if he's ever hooked up with a fan over his DMs to which he replies, "I'm human, yes I have."