The 2018 Oscar nominations were announced earlier today and, as they usually do, the picks have polarized many movie and pop culture fanatics. Among them are some actual celebrities, like Chrissy Teigen, and have already begun to voice their displeasure with some of the Best Picture noms on Twitter. Teigen, who's expecting, posted a coded message about which movie she thought wasn't worthy of this particular honor.

The drama isn't necessarily in that tweet though, it was one reaction that it garnered as a result. One social media user dragged Teigen's earlier statement that Get Out, one of the year's most successful films and biggest surprises at the same time, should win as awards as it can muster. Not one to let a good challenge fall by the wayside, Teigen almost immediately clapped back at the reply and left a detailed rebuttal. You can check it out below (although, be warned, her response does contain some spoilers):

There were plenty of other Get Out defenders who made their voices heard in relation to the tweet as well. Many think it is deserving of its nomination and, perhaps with some luck, it will walk away one of the big winners at this year's Oscar ceremony. If it doesn't, you can be almost certain that the #OscarSoWhite detractors will grow even louder as a result. Below is a sampling of the support found in Teigen's Twitter thread.

Do you think Get Out was one of the year's best movies? How many Oscars do you think it'll take home? Let us know in the comments.