The last few months have been filled with high-profile pregnancies. From the Kardashians to Cardi B, there have been plenty of baby announcements that have shaken up the entertainment landscape. Announcing her pregnancy with an adorable video of daughter Luna sharing the news, Chrissy Teigen was among the most famous faces expecting a baby in 2018. Her and John Legend have become one of the public's favorite couples through their silly social media antics and their red carpet appearances. After having welcomed Luna Simone Stephens into the world two years ago, the couple brings to life a brand new baby boy, announcing his arrival on Twitter.

Teigen tweeted early today, "Somebody’s herrrrrrre!" accompanied by several baby bottle emojis, noting the arrival of their son. The entertainer revealed the baby's sex earlier this year on Instagram, showing off a photo of herself and writing, "mama and her baby boy." Throughout the last few months, Teigen has been openly discussing the woes and pleasantries of her pregnancy on social media, evolving from "happy pregnant Chrissy" to "OVER IT Chrissy" last week.

Now we wait to see what the couple names their child. Celebrity baby names can be questionable at times but John and Chrissy seem to have a good grasp of names from the looks of things. Congratulations to John and Chrissy!