If there's one celebrity that constantly proves she's as relatable as can be, it's Chrissy Teigen. Some find her annoying, others love her for being so endearing. Personally, I stand somewhere in the middle. However, I can respect that she's built a major fan base from being pretty damn funny online. In the past, she's mingled with poisonous bugs, pranked her husband John Legend, and more. For Thanksgiving, she got busy in the kitchen and tried her best to cook a delicious sweet potato pie. The outcome was not at all what she expected though.

While she's a great cook (she's published a few cookbooks!) she also has her off days like the rest of us. Her pie would have been gorgeous had it made it out without being burnt but alas, that was not the case. Her family will not be enjoying a sweet potato pie tonight unless they're down for a very crispy, burnt bite of whatever this is.

Teigen shared the photo after showing off her yummy looking meal on Instagram, explaining why she didn't add the pie into the display. It makes total sense because this is burnt to shreds. At least she can laugh about it! We're sure the rest of the meal will be delicious.