Ariana Grande shocked the world when she sat down with Ebro and revealed that we have all been pronouncing her last name wrong for years. When asked if she planned on taking Pete Davidson's last name, Grande responded by stating that she should probably keep the last name her family gave her. She pronounces her last name as "Gran-dee," which caused the internet to scratch their collective heads. 

After the Grande revelation, a chain of Twitter users ended up tipping off Chrissy Teigen to the name debate. "You know how innocent you have to be to allow a world to pronounce yo last name wrong yo whole life and just go along with it," wrote one Twitter user. That user was then retweeted with a response by another user who wrote, "Well we pronounce @chrissyteigen's name wrong all the time."

That's when Teigen stepped in herself, and responded to the tweet, writing, "word! gave up a long time ago. last name is tie-gen not tee-gen." When one fan questioned why Teigen pronounces her own name incorrectly, she answered, "I know. I even correct people when they say it correctly. it’s all v effed up."