Although Chrissy Teigen has said that her sex life with her husband is somewhat "vanilla," the pair clearly have intense chemistry. Their connection is noticeable to the public eye and their gushing about each other is confirmation of what many of their fans would likely assume. The latest out of Chrissy's mouth points to their unconditional love and sexual appetite.

Teigen reveals how John is DTF no matter the state of her appearance.

"John tells me I’m sexy all the time. Honestly, I fight it because there’s only so much that someone can say or do before you’re like, 'I know you’re not telling the truth.' But he really pushes it and he wants me to know that he loves my new body or he loves the way my skin feels. When I’m feeling totally filthy, he always lets me know that he is still totally turned on by me, which is great."

This does mean a lot considering the ever-changing nature of a mother's body and style. While some people criticized the entertainer for her fluctuating body weight and hairstyle choices, John Legend has stood by her side making her feel like a sex goddess.