In a recently released promo clip for Toy Story 4, Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) has opened up about her character in the film. Gabby Gabby is a 1950’s doll whose dysfunctional voice box has kept her from experiencing a child's love. Hendricks says “Of course a toy’s entire purpose is to be loved by a child, and to love a child.” Her isolation may make the character a slightly creepy sight for audiences. Hendricks also continued, saying “Here’s the thing: as creepy as Gabby Gabby is, it’s very wonderful to me because I love antique stores.”

Woody stumbles upon Gabby Gabby, surrounded by “wonderfully creepy ventriloquist dolls” while in an antique store. Her character’s bond to antique stores shocked Hendricks upon learning about their mutual love. “When I came in to do the voice, they were showing me this animation, and I said - ‘you guys, this is blowing my mind, you have no idea - this little doll has red hair and blue eyes and hangs out with weird ventriloquist dolls - she is me!’”

Toy Story 4 comes out this Friday, June 21st and is predicting a massive opening weekend. It is also receiving stellar reviews from critics, currently boasting a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.