It's hard to believe Christina Milian gave birth to her son, Isaiah, only one month ago, considering how snatched her post-baby body looks in her latest Instagram post. The singer welcomed her first child with her boyfriend, French singer Matt Pokora, last month on January 20th, and she's already working hard to "bounce back" to her pre-pregnancy body. On Thursday, Christina shared a few snaps of her new Fashion Nova jumpsuit (she's a sponsored partner for the brand) on Instagram, showing off her incredible post-baby physique.

In the caption of the post, Christina tells the tale about how all her dreams came true when she was signed to Def Jam at 18 years old. "Lookin’ like I’m ready to hit the stage," she wrote. "Fun Fact: When I was a teen I dreamed of being signed to Def Jam.. every cd I owned, every group, rapper or singer I played in my car was majority Def Jam artist. From that point I set my intentions. And with my Mom-Manager by my side at 18 I signed my first record deal to be @islanddefjam’s 1st 'urban pop' artist. It was a dream come true." While the story is certainly inspiring, many of her fans could only focus on how unreal she looked.

Christina Milian post-baby body figure unreal insane pregnancy bounce back baby child son Isaiah Matt Pokora InstagramSarah Morris/Getty Images

"Damn! Did u even have a baby?!!!! Lol," one of her followers exclaimed. "The snap back," another wrote in the comments. "How much weight have you lost already? You look amazing," asked another user. A few weeks ago, Christina opened up about her struggles not only with looking like her pre-baby self again, but also with regaining her confidence. On yet another Fashion Nova-sponsored post, Christina wrote, "OK here it goes… Three weeks post pregnancy and I’m feeling better everyday."

"In the beginning I was kind of worried because my body after baby was retaining SO MUCH water—I’d look in the mirror and be like 'wtf I look like Spongebob'" she joked. "I’d also enjoyed my [pregnancy] body so much. I missed it and felt I looked better when I was pregnant for sure.. However I tried not to let those thoughts get the best of me and had to accredit myself for the 9 months of making an actual human! And with faith, hydration, breast feeding and not being so damn sprung on looks—my confidence is gained day by day."

Christina Milian post-baby body figure unreal insane pregnancy bounce back baby child son Isaiah Matt Pokora Instagram Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

She also made sure to give a shoutout to her man, "who has been my ride or die through this & shows me so much love and appreciation…Honestly I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to experience this with. His support has gotten me through the drab days. U da best!
I’m gonna wrap this up.. sending big love to all you women out there. You’re all incredible beings that are capable of anything! Know this. Love you. Keep loving yourself. And [props] to the men/partners that support them."