Bryce Harper finally signed to a team yesterday after months of speculation as to where he would land. The Philadelphia Phillies ended up being the winners of the Harper sweepstakes as they signed him to a 13-year contract worth $330 million. It's a pretty hefty price to pay but for many, a superstar who puts up numbers like Harper is well worth the money. While fans in Philadelphia are happy about the news, those in Washington are upset that Bryce is leaving their beloved Nationals. Among those upset fans was Chuck Todd who hosts MSNBC's "Meet The Press." Todd went on a rant against Harper at the end of his show, voicing his displeasure with the recent move.

"There will never be a statue of Bryce Harper at National Park in Washington D.C," Todd said. "PHILLY?! PHILLY?! Seriously??? They will never love you the way Washington would have loved you ... I hope you enjoy 3rd place!" 

Both teams play in the NL East so it will be interesting to see how they'll stack up this season now that the Phillies have Harper. While it looks like the Phillies have the better team, you never know what the Nationals will be capable of.

No matter what though, we're sure Chuck Todd will be watching with bitter scorn.