The new Child's Play movie was just released last Friday, the same day as Toy Story 4. In the months leading up to the release of Child's Play, they released several movie posters which showed Chucky murdering characters from the Toy Story franchise including Buzz Lightyear and Woody. Now, Orion Pictures have diverted their attention to another horror movie doll that's had some recent success in the box office.

Chucky's now applying pressure on The Conjuring universe. With the release of Annabelle Comes Home, Child's Play found another way of building hype around their new film by taking aim at the terrifying doll. They released a new promotional poster that has a headless Annabelle sitting inside of his toy case while his creepy grin reflects off of the broken glass.

The hype they've tried to build with these promo posters have brought awareness to the film but that hasn't necessarily translated well at the box office. Toy Story 4 made $238m in its opening weekend while Child's Play only brought in $15M. Now, Annabelle Comes Home is on pace to make $30M in its first five days. The first film brought in $257M globally and it's follow-up Annabella Creation came in with $306M. Annabella Comes Home just launched today.

With or without the box office numbers, Child's Play has been receiving some pretty good reviews so far.