Fresh off the release of her latest album Beauty Marks, Ciara is feeling on top of the world. She has the perfect family with her husband Russell Wilson and her two children Sienna and Future Zahir. She's still striving musically over a decade into her career and she's now able to lay low and enjoy the little things in life. Still, she finds herself hustling but these days, it's not because she has to. She's simply used to that type of lifestyle. The proud woman is excited about all the festivities she'll be able to enjoy with her kids tonight, celebrating Independence Day with her loved ones and inviting everybody to tune in to see how she spends her Fourth Of July on NBC.

CiCi put a big smile on her face as she donned her military uniform, dancing for the camera and telling everybody to tune into Macy's Fireworks Spectacular tonight on NBC, which she will be contributing to. Complete with camouflage pants, an Army t-shirt, and a baseball cap, we've got to say Ciara looks absolutely gorgeous in her outfit. In a second post, she pulled off her best salute, thanking the troops for all they do to protect our country on a daily basis.

Shout-out to Ciara. Enjoy the long weekend!