Ciara initiated the latest dance craze thanks to her new single "Level Up." The song dropped with a music video that boasts an intense choreography. The singer makes her comeback in the same way she first came into the game. Now, she's encouraging fans to up their cardio and emulate their icon by posting videos online as part of the #levelupchallenge. The "1,2 Step" singer kicked it off with her very own intimate rendition. Cici captured her dance moves while donning a bathrobe. She initiates the challenge in her caption: "Head Scarf. Robe On. Still Lit. 🔥 #LevelUpChallenge #LevelUp"

Ciara is also encouraging her fans to participate by sharing some of their own versions to her personal IG account. Here are a couple of her selections.

This an exciting time for the singer. Ciara has been rocking the game since her debut album, Goodies, dropped in 2004. The album peaked in the third position on Billboard's 200. Since then, her career's intensity has fluctuated in mainstream markets and her efforts haven't charted since 2016. Even so, her fanbase is loyal and her return is most welcome. They've had the pleasure of watching her level up in her romantic life. Now, they seem eager to witness how she plans to keep outdoing herself musically.