Ciara carries her pregnancy well, as we've seen time and time again. Her latest baby is still brewing, and she's taken to Instagram today to share a few photo updates as she makes her way to the nine-month-mark.

Ciara and Russell Wilson first announced their second pregnancy back in January, and Ciara has pretty consistently shared photos of her growing bump almost monthly since then. In April, the couple celebrated their baby's gender reveal--  a baby boy-- while in quarantine with their two children, Sienna, and Future Zahir, from Ciara's previous engagement with Future.

In Ciara's latest series of IG photos, the singer has her curly hair down, as she lays on the grass soaking up the sun, with a knowing smile across her face. Earlier, in the same fringe burnt-pink swimsuit, Ciara did a little TikTok duet with her friend LaLa, which she shared on her IG as well. Meanwhile, her comments are littered with fans exclaiming just how beautiful she looks with that pregnancy glow.

Check out the new pregnancy photos above and below.