Last week, we reported on Ciara  releasing a new album, Beauty Marks. The album was teased by the leading single, "Level Up," which became an instant hit and prompted its own viral, dancing challenge. Furthermore, the songstress continued with the pop single "Thinkin Bout You" which charted fairly. And considering the singer's last album dates back to 2015, the pop and r&b led project Beauty Marks hinted at Ciara's return in the music business. Yet despite all the positivity which has been linked to the singer, which includes her dreamy relationship with Russell Wilson, Ciara remains susceptible to a good ol' roast. 

Precisely, Billboard unveiled the charting position of Ciara's debut project and thus far it's looking like a flop. Of course, the fans took it as an opportunity to engage in a ruthless roast session at her expense. Indeed, the poor album sales were enough to bring social media to step in for some Ciara slander. To make matters worse, the album sale flops have been consecutive in the singer's career. It seems selling records simply isn't Ciara's forte. And when it comes to roasting, failures are far from off-limits to fans hence they did not hold back.

Fortunately for Ciara, all other non-musical things are going well for her.