There is no one answer for why some cities get so much love in the hip-hop industry while others producing loads of talent go unnoticed. Maybe it's because major labels are based in, and focus on the so-called hip-hop meccas of the United States: NYC, Houston, LA, Chicago, New Orleans, and so on.

It's time to show appreciation for the underrated cities; the cities that may have bustling locals highlighted by several stand-outs who make it big time in the industry, or those like Virginia Beach, that have produced a number of stars even though the town is a fraction of the size of the major cities. Talent can come from anywhere, and with the scores of artists that gain some sort of decent following, there are lots of places where stars are born, but where the city goes uncredited for having any rap scene at all.

This list is intended to point out those cities, and give credit where credit is due. Just as Weezy reps New Orleans, Wiz Khalifa reps Pittsburgh, and Pusha T puts on for Virginia. Hip-hop is everywhere. It is our duty as fans of the genre to recognize the breeding grounds of all hip-hop artists we listen to, not just some of them, for home is a crucial aspect of a person, and the music that a person crafts.