City Girls' "Act Up" Video Stars Lil Yachty As A Reporter & Vocal Coach

Alex Zidel
May 30, 2019 10:40

Lil Yachty makes a cameo in the video.

In the last year, the City Girls have absolutely blown up. The girl group made up of Yung Miami and JT know how to connect with their audience and they've built a cult-like fanbase over the last twelve months. Songs like "Act Up" have been ultra-successful for the duo and when it was revealed that Lil Yachty actually wrote much of the song, its popularity skyrocketed even further. The track, which is a bad girl's anthem, has officially been given a new video with Boat starting us out, introducing the Spring Break anthem as a song that's been driving women wild.


Much of the reason why the track blew up has to do with the accompanying challenge set out by the Quality Control duo. They asked for their biggest fans to send in videos of themselves singing along and dancing to "Act Up," which helped the directors of the official video out with content for the end result. The finished product contains a mix of footage that was sent in by fans, shots of Yung Miami strutting down the street, and comic relief from Lil Yachty. At one point, Yachty, who serves as a news reporter on set, takes on the role of a vocal coach as he trains one of the girls on how to deliver their hard-hitting lyrics, playing off the fact that he actually wrote the song. "If I was a female, I would say it like that," says Lil Boat in a skit that takes place in the middle of the video.

Watch the clip above and let us know what you think.

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