City Girls' JT is officially free and Quality Control Founder Pierre Thomas wants you to know big things are coming up from the City Girls. TMZ was able to get a hold of the music executive at the Los Angeles airport and Pee affirms that JT has been spending a lot of time in the studio since her release from jail. According to the aforementioned news outlet, the released rapper went straight to the studio before seeing her family as soon as she got out of prison. The City Girls duo is currently hard at work and busy working on their new album. Thomas also confirms that the project may be released sooner than expected. Furthermore, he also adds that JT is currently living in a halfway house for a transitionary period while she completes some requirements stemming from her prison sentence. She remains, luckily, able to leave the house during the day to hit the studio and record music. 

Evidently, the group's work ethic is to be admired considering the level of success they acquired despite one of their members being away. On top of this, Yung Miami is now well into her pregnancy, but their streak is enough to let us know they will still manage to kill the charts. Are you ready for new heat from the City Girls?