COVID-19 has left the fate of live music, at least in the short term, sadly uncertain. The reality is, many artists have been unable to actively pursue their livelihood, hitting those on the independent grind particularly hard. On the other hand, performing concerts in packed environments in the midst of a rampaging pandemic runs the risk of turning a jovial celebration of art into a potential superspreader event. Unfortunately, some don't necessarily feel that the risk of COVID-19 is a serious threat and continue to operate in a business-as-usual capacity.

City Girls JT Yung Miami

Image via HNHH

Case in point, Quality Control act City Girls recently spent Thanksgiving staging a performance in a jam-packed Florida club, bringing a sold-out crowd to the Gilt nightclub. TMZ's video footage reveals the scope of the event, and while it's understandable that people are looking for a little escapism in a tough year, the fact remains that Florida has been a COVID hotbed of late, with cases currently sitting at 961,676. Of those numbers, 18,255 did not survive their battle with the virus.

Naturally, the decision to stage a concert opened the City Girls up to heightened scrutiny, as has been faced by many artists who opted to perform under similar circumstances. At this point, it's nearing a year since the pandemic really kicked off, and it stands to reason that many are growing weary of taking safety measures. In this case, however, it would appear that there is little to no concern for the virus whatsoever. Sound off in the comments with your own take -- would you go see a concert with COVID-19 still running rampant? Or are you satisfied with the live concert virtual experiences that many artists have taken to providing