This morning, it was sadly reported that Cliff Dixon, Kevin Durant's close friend and Erica Mena's ex-boyfriend, was shot and killed during his birthday celebration. What was supposed to be a fun evening with friends to celebrate his 32nd year of life ended up being his final night on earth. Many have started to react to the news, with Dave East being one of the first. 

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This morning, the rapper posted a photo of Cliff at a party, remembering his friend and recalling the final moments he spent with him. "I Can’t think of no memories with @easymoneysniper or @tdurant And u wasn’t there," wrote Dave East. Dixon was extremely close with Kevin Durant and this must be incredibly difficult for KD to process right now. "We been cool since like 16-17 years old," East continued. "U was just in my session in Atlanta listening to my album this shit super wacc!!!! Rest in heavenly peace bro u ain’t deserve whatever happen to u all we talked about was ball bitches and gettin to it!!!! God bless you cuzo real shit."

From the number of sincere messages that are pouring in, it's obvious that Dixon touched a lot of people's hearts during his time with us. Rest in paradise, Cliff.