College Football Player Arrested For Knocking Out A Ref

Kyle Rooney
September 12, 2016 10:09

The school is trying to say this was all a big accident.

Bernard Schirmer of Mt. San Antonio College in Southern California was arrested over the weekend for punching a ref's lights out during a game against Ventura College.

As seen in the clip, the ref was attempting to push a disgruntled Schirmer back to his huddle following an argument on the field when the big man swung on him, leaving him unconscious on the turf. Schirmer was promptly ejected and later arrested on suspicion of felony battery. He was released on bail early Sunday morning.

According to reports, California Community College Athletic Association bylaws say hitting an official can be punished by up to a five-year ban. 

The school has released a statement claiming that the incident as a complete accident.

"Out of frustration, Mr. Schirmer struck himself on the helmet, a habit he often does to calm himself down ... he inadvertently hit the referee and initially believed someone else had done so."  



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College Football Player Arrested For Knocking Out A Ref