Richard Lomotey is a part-time Penn State professor and part-time Uber driver who has been arrested for his attempts to kidnap three women in one night while working the app, ABC reports. 

A victim of Richard's attempts spoke with police and detailed how she got in Richard's car one night after the club since he had the Uber sticker on his windshield. She admitted that she did not call an Uber, but gave Richard $10 and told him her address. As they drove off, Richard kept asking about the unidentified woman's relationship status and she told him "she was engaged and did not want to participate in any sexual activities with him." Richard then grabbed her wrist while she tried to unlock the door as he kept locking them. 


"They began tussling because she wanted to leave the vehicle," the documents obtained by the publication read, adding how "during the tussle her shirt and bra were ripped." The woman eventually jumped out of the moving vehicle and Richard sped off. Two more women told police that they were in Richard's Uber when he ignored the GPS directions, complimented their appearances, eventually pulling over and locking the door. The women escaped before anything got worse. 

"These allegations are deeply troubling and while we gather more information, he has been put on leave and will not be in the classroom. This is a criminal matter and we cannot comment further," Lisa Powers, a spokeswoman at Penn State told the publication. 

Uber added: "What's been described is unacceptable. The driver's access to the app has been removed and we stand ready to cooperate with law enforcement to support their investigation."