Tiffany Haddish and Common are back in our ears thanks to the rumor mill. After being spotted slipping into the same SUV on Wednesday night, the two are being linked together as a potential power couple. The pair was seen exiting a party in New York. The rapper assumed an affectionate demeanor as he guided Haddish past photographers. Both smiled as they made their way through the buzzing and Common even grabbed Tiffany's wrist to help her step into the vehicle. 

Those concerned with Common's facial hair should note that his look is most likely linked to his movie role in The Kitchen. The film is also the main reason why the entertainers have been spending a lot of time together lately. The comedienne is also starring in the flic. Both of the co-stars are single. If they aren't exiting the friend zone, the rest of their time on set might be filled with the fun kind of tension. Tiffany has made her relationship status clear with all her boisterous flirting on and offstage. Common has recently split with the political commentator, Angela Rye. It seems like he might have a penchant for intense women and a romantic relationship with Haddish would most likely be a rush.