A lot of people have spoken out about R. Kelly more than ever before since the premiere of Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly documentary. Omarion announced that all R. Kelly-written track will be retired after reunion tour, Daymon John said the music maker should kill himself and Chance The Rapper shared his regret in collaborating with the "Ignition" singer. 

The latest to speak on the matter is none other than Common who told TMZ that he believes the Black community failed the survivors. In the video below, "The Food" rapper explained that if R. Kelly was molesting and abusing women who weren't Black the outreach and support of the victims would have been much greater. 

"He would have been attacked by the system in a different way, meaning the system doesn't have a value for Black women the way they do...you know white women or just other nationalities," he said. He added how Kelly has some seriously dark issues and how he has compassion or the victims of his horrors. 

"We failed as a community because we knew that these things were happening and instead of trying [to help], we just rocking to the music," he added. "I'm guilty of that myself because I didn't stop and be like 'no!"

Watch the full clip below.