Common always seems to have Serena Williams' back, even though his romantic relationship with the star is a thing of the past. Last month, he supported her standing up against discriminatory practices involving drug testing and now, he supports the emotional outburst she had at the US Open finals.

First, he affirms the fact that Serena Williams in the GOAT. Then, he shares his opinion about her losing game: the umpire could have been more lenient.

"I think the referee should have gave her some leeway. You could see she was having an emotional time and because she is that great and what she means to the sport, you don't want to see the match end because or things get swayed one way because of a referee [...] You should let the athletes play it out."

He also acknowledges that this is an issue that Serena Williams might not be facing if she were a man. The criticism she is facing on and off the court is a feminist issue.

"It ain't just tennis. It's so many aspects of our culture and it's up to guys like you and me to make sure we get that equality in, and people that's in power.