For those who have special memories at Cincinnati's Coney Island amusement park, sad news has been announced since the destination is about to undergo a renovation process. According to, the amusement rides will be running until September 21 before they shut down forever. The final day will be followed by the annual Fire Up The Night event. 

According to the publication, the shut down of rides is due to the lack of attention each excursion was getting after resources and man-hours had to be divided for the rides and the water park equally. "All of our consumer research, all of our consumer feedback, and all of our in-park data shows that the vast majority of our guests come to Coney Island because of the fun they have while in the Sunlite Pool area,” Rob Schutter Jr., Coney Island's president and CEO said of the updates. 

Renovations on the park have already begun and the final unveiling of the updates will be revealed on the park's 100th birthday in 2025. “Since 2016, we’ve invested more than $6 million into the Sunlite Pool,'' Schutter added. "We will kick start a new multi-phase renovation to grow Coney Island into the region’s premier swim and play destination.''