If you're a UFC fan, then you know just how much of a controversial figure Conor McGregor is. Of course, he has made quite the name for himself over the past decade thanks to his inspiring abilities in the Octagon. Unfortunately, some pretty horrendous antics along the way have made people lose a bit of respect for the Irishman. Regardless, McGregor continues to be a huge name in the sport, and on occasion, he can be seen arguing with UFC president Dana White.

These arguments have led to a pretty hilarious parody video that was recently shared by White on Twitter. As you can see in the clip below, McGregor is being chased by alligators in a swamp when all of a sudden, he emerges from the water and starts chasing people down. Near the end of the video, a fake McGregor knocks out a man on a scooter, who just so happens to have White's face superimposed over him.

The entire video is pretty funny and speaks to McGregor's unpredictable nature. You never know what might set him off and he is always letting his anger shine through. 

More recently, McGregor has been jonesing for a fight with Justin Gaethje and it will be interesting to see if it goes anywhere. McGregor had a pretty threatening tone when it comes to the fight although Gaethje appears to be more concerned with Khabib.