Interview soundbites often get misconstrued as they make their way through social media, and that's what happened when Westside Gunn, Benny The Butcher, and Conway sat down with Rap Radar. The Griselda Records trio have had an eventful 2019 as they've released a slew of acclaimed projects, but according to the three artists, Griselda isn't hailed in the same respect as other hip hop labels.

"All of this in one year," Westside Gunn said after listing off the albums that he, Benny, and Conway dropped off in 2019. "And we not mentioned as the top group. Like, you're still gon' to mention a TDE, you're gon' to mention Dreamville. Dreamville or TDE didn't do it." Conway chimed in and said, "Them n*ggas is incredible."

Westside Gunn retorted, "They incredible but they didn't do it." Rap Radar's Elliot Wilson added that Griselda "should be in that conversation." Westside said, "That's the Buffalo sh*t I was talking about," while Coway interrupted with, "If we were from elsewhere we would be acknowledged the same way." Westside continued, "You're going to say TDE is a powerhouse of '19, but where's ScHoolboy and Kendrick and Ab's and everybody projects? That consistently had to do it every other month and haven't slacked one bar... If you're gonna name the Dreamvilles and the TDEs, then what the f*ck is Griselda then?"

This particular clip garnered many internet responses, including some who claimed that the trio was attacking the two labels. Conway cleared things up on Twitter on Monday by mentioning that he has love and respect for Dreamville and TDE. "Man idk why niggas tryna spin sh*t, bro wasn’t takin a shot at dreamville & TDE at all he was simply makin the point we don’t get respect in that same bracket of a TDE or dreamville bcuz where we from.. them n*ggas is the illest groups hands down but we’re just as ill, that’s all."

"I got mad love for Q mad love for My n*gga Rock, and the whole squad over there," he added. "Same thing wit cole and them n*ggas, j.i.d. My n*gga... I’m gettin annoyed at all the tweets and sh*t smh u internet n*ggas and media be like b*tches always lookin for the 'tea' lol foh wit that." Watch the interview below.