Griselda is in the building. Sitting down for Tidal's Rap Radar, Conway and Westside Gunn took a minute to open up about their planned 2019 moves. Westside Gunn quickly chimes in about the ongoing discourse with Paul Rosenberg, aka the "Big Bald Guy," teasing that Conway's Shady Records album has already been completed. 

Endorsing his brother as the "new face of Shady," Gunn explains exactly how Griselda and Shady came to coexist. "I always really wanted to stay independent," explains Gunn. "Once [Shady] started hearing the music, that's when Paul talked to Marshall, and he's like nah, let's give him a label situation. You know the first artist was me and Conway." 

"19' is going to be like, a few indie projects, but you're going to be getting the major projects as well," continues Gunn. Conway jumps in to stoke the fires of hype. "I consider it the illest shit in probably the last two decades," he says. Gunn also teases a few of the upcoming features, stating "we got some people on there too. Big boys on it."

Of course, it's entirely possible that Em came through with the feature, as hearing their two styles converge would certainly make for an interesting combination; it's been a minute since Slim dropped one for the streets, harkening back to the days of Boo Yaa Tribe's "911" and Jadakiss' "Welcome To D Block."