Those who appreciate lyricism are well aware of everything Conway The Machine brings to the table. And though his retirement steadily looms, the Griselda spitter won't be leaving fans empty-handed. Look for his next two albums to land by year's end, with From King To A God in September and his Shady Records debut God Don't Make Mistakes lined up for release. Yesterday, Bootleg Kev connected with The Machine for an extensive interview, where the conversation spanned a variety of topics -- everything ranging from "The Cow" to Jay-Z, Shady Records to his future musical endeavors is on the table.

Conway The Machine

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

About ten minutes in, Kev inquires about Conway and Jay-Z's backstage conversation following a performance of "The Cow," a meeting of the mind that symbolized a passing-of-the-torch from one lyrical legend to another. "It was about being proud about how far you made it, the shit you've done," reflects Conway. "You see what you doing out here. Let them tears out, let them shits fall. And really just asking me about the song I did "Overdose." He was like, 'what's that song you did three songs back? That shit crazy.' We were talking about that, and he was just letting me know. I needed to hear that from somebody like him -- cause I have broke down on stage, crying and shit. I don't be knowing how to suppress that shit."

And if "The Cow" wasn't powerful enough, Kev teases that Conway has some even deeper cuts in the stash. And considering how real Conway keeps it, that's saying something. Case in point, The Machine reveals that he was actually robbed in Atlanta at the beginning of the What Would Chinegun Do tour. "I'm leaving the mall, n***a caught me lacking," says Conway. "Snatched the doors open. I just charged that shit to the game. Now, that paranoia is back. I gotta have a 50 clip on. I got to feeling too comfortable. I'm the type of n***a that have no fears of nothing or nobody. All the shit I been through, I ain't worried about no n***a...I be everywhere by myself." 

As the interview progresses, Conway opens up about his relationship with Shady Records, praising Paul Rosenberg's generosity and willingness to let them thrive creatively on the indie tip. "Shady couldn't be a part of that, because of all the samples," says Machine. "Our sound is based off Daringer doing immaculate sampling and shit like that. Our beats are so dark and dusty, that's how we were able to shift the culture...But the shit we was doing, Paul wasn't fucking with that [sample clearance]." He reveals that the Shady project is eighty-five percent sample free, and Kev goes on to reveal that Lil Wayne is on the project -- and from the sound of it, he's in his bag.

Be sure to check out the entire interview, courtesy of Bootleg Kev, below -- if you're a Conway fan, this is must-watch stuff.