Conway The Machine broke out in recent years as one of the coveted lyricists in the rap game. Hailed by some of the greatest of all time, Conway knows that he is unmatched when it comes to his pen. He can out-rap anybody if he puts his mind to it, proving so on his latest album From King To A God

Working as part of the Griselda trifecta, Conway has helped Westside Gunn and Benny The Butcher build their brand from the ground up, recruiting heavyweights Boldy James, Armani Caesar, and more to join their table

Griselda is also a subdivision of Eminem's Shady Records. There have been recent rumors surrounding the Griselda guys and their link to Shady, which were intensified overnight after Conway The Machine sent out a cryptic tweet.

Seemingly feeling the need to get some weight off his shoulders, Conway vented on social media, saying: "I’m not fuckin wit none of them n***as no more."

The tweet does not reveal much information as to who he was referring to, but some outlets and fans are already making the strongest assumptions. In his replies, confused supporters of the Buffalo-based rapper are asking, or assuming, about this potentially being a subliminal shot at Shady Records. Others are taking things a step further, wondering if he's frustrated with his Griselda teammates.

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Considering the fact that Conway was unclear in divulging who the culprit was, the people will keep wondering. However, since Conway isn't really about the social media antics, it's likely that this was just a passing comment made about something unrelated that was pissing him off.

Do you think people are reaching?